ERWAP Energy Initiative 

ERWAP Energy Initiative 




As a valued donor or partner of the ERWAP Energy Initiative, you have certain rights that we are committed to upholding:

The right to be fully informed about our organization's mission and how donated resources will be used to achieve it.

The right to know the identities of the members serving on our governing board and to expect that they will make responsible decisions on behalf of the organization.

The right to access our most recent financial statements to ensure transparency and accountability.

The right to feel confident that your donations will be used solely for the intended purpose.

The right to receive appropriate recognition for your contribution, or to remain anonymous if desired.

The right to expect that all information related to your donations will be handled confidentially and with respect for your privacy.

The right to professional and respectful relationships with any individuals representing organizations related to our work.

The right to express your thoughts and concerns about your donation and receive prompt and truthful answers.

The right to visit or participate in ERWAP's activities.

The right to access our annual report to stay informed about our progress and impact.

We value our relationship with you and are committed to ensuring that your rights as a donor or partner are respected and upheld.