ERWAP Energy Initiative 

ERWAP Energy Initiative 


First Ever Climate Change Education Campaigner In Nigeria 

About us

ERWAP Energy Initiative is a climate change education program and an arm of ERWAP Energy Biofuels a renewable energy social enterprise established to create air pollution mortality awareness and enable a clean energy access in underserved areas of  Africa most especially Nigeria and the Republic of Benin.


ERWAP energy  initiative  is a climate change adaptation NGO working with policy makers, individuals, health workers, teachers and government officials to make sure everyone has the climate change education it needs to survive in a world where air pollution has killed millions of people.


At ERWAP energy initiative we belief that the fight against climate change cannot be successful if the locals, cannot comprehend or understand what climate change is all about, in a world where people do not take climate change seriously, there is a need to enable climate change education so as change the behavioral pattern of health damaging acts instigated by actions of humans on the environment. An aware Society is paramount to combating climate change health hazards hence the birth of ERWAP Energy Initiative….


At ERWAP we work towards making everyone a climate change literate because becoming a climate change literate is the first major step towards tackling the consequences of global warming….

The Beautiful Beginning 

For Rashida A Bamgbola the dream to start ERWAP started in class while Rashida was studying for a masters Degree in Energy Economics area of specialization Energy & environment at the University of Ibadan.  A video documentary on air pollution mortality from cooking affecting African women and children shown by her then lecturer in Class  led to the thinking of a solution and the birth of ERWAP  : Environment resource waste against pollution. .. First of All  conceived as EWAP ( Energize women Africa Project)  that’s to enable energy access for African women, turning African waste resources to a renewable fuel, solving air pollution crisis from cooking using the traditional cooking method while also solving air pollution crisis from the burning of wastes until her mentor and friend inspired her to make it ERWAP, indeed she likes the idea of renaming to ERWAP, ERWAP Energy Initiative is an arm Of ERWAP Energy Biofuels and it’s established to enable climate change education and adaptation in Africa, we belief that the climate change crisis cannot be reduced if the locals do not have the climate change education. 

The ERWAP Energy Initiative program aims to enable climate change education and adaptation in Communities across Africa starting from Oyo State.



Beginning in West Africa, we will better the lives of thousands of underprivileged African families with ERWAP products and services.


To reduce the present air pollution mortality rate caused by cooking with dirty fuels: charcoals firewood, kerosene and also reduce outdoor air pollution rates caused by the burning of wastes

While helping the African Women cook with ease, cook with pride and cook without inhaling the dangerous emissions that presently effect them and their children.

The Birth Of Mobile Technology Empowered Campaign 

Since 3 out of every 10 people reached so far reported they find it difficult to halt their neighbors from the continuous indiscriminate burning of wastes into the open air around their neighborhoods, ERWAP worked on “Request for an awareness campaign using your mobile phone” some are shy of communicating with their neighbors and halting them from the continuous waste burning culture hence the birth of ‘Call to book an air pollution awareness campaign”