ERWAP Energy Initiative 

ERWAP Energy Initiative 



"School children taking a stand against pollution by raising awareness about the impact of air pollution on mortality rates and the effects of climate change through the use of ERWAP (Environment Resource Waste Against Pollution) infographics."

The ERWAP Energy Initiative (EEI) aims to provide environmental and climate change education at the grassroots level, targeting young children to instill a sense of responsibility as stewards of the environment. The initiative also utilizes radio media to spread awareness and combat human-caused environmental damage. Without education on climate change, efforts to address air pollution and adapt to its effects will be ineffective. Children impacted by EEI become agents of change, influencing others in their communities to stop practices such as burning waste. Parents have reported a decrease in waste burning in their communities and continue to promote awareness by displaying EEI educational materials in their homes and workplaces. Additionally, parents are motivated to transition from traditional biomass cooking methods, which emit harmful pollutants, to clean cooking using ERWAP Biomass gas stoves and fuel.

ERWAP's Climate Change Storytelling Through the Art of Theatre Performance

ERWAP's Climate Change Storytelling Through the Art of Theatre Performance"

Breathing Life into Climate Change Awareness: Combining Infographics and Performing Arts to Educate and Adapt"